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How does our Platform powered by AI change the game when building Mentoring programs  ?

Days, weeks, months even!

That's how much time many organizations spend today organizing, setting up and coordinating #mentoringprogram.

When such programs bring value to associations, it can be a real effort to run because it is mainly done manually.

Volunteers run such programs most of the time.

What we observed was that the volunteers were spending time :

  1. to match people, 
  2. to find out the best tandems from questionnaires (mails, google forms, automatic forms at best), 
  3. to fill in Excel sheets, 
  4. to make human mistakes while matching based on bias and unspoken expectations, and
  5. to track deadlines, milestones, etc.. 
Countless efforts are spent on setting up every new program, every year, again and again.

And in the end... it remains very hard to know:

  • If the program is a success
  • How to measure the satisfaction rate and ensure people stay and play a part in the next program
  • How to ensure the mentees turn into mentors to secure long-term mentoring programs? 
Professional Network faced those issues for more than 2 years in a row.

With more than 80 pairs to match and supervise, stretching their volunteers was no longer the solution.

That's when they decided to partner with @stellar.

Using our platform and experience, Professional Network managed to reduce by 80% the time it took to set up each program. The AI matching algorithm allows matching in 1-click mentors and mentees based on their common interests.

The end of Excel for our volunteers!

Volunteers can now spend more time on what matters the most: bringing value to the #mentorinprogram, to the association.. and to the people!

Reducing manual effort also allowed Professional Network
  • To generate additional revenues, because they could run the #mentoringprogram twice a year compared to once before.
  • To increase satisfaction rate at 98% among members, using the matching algorithm and our platform
  • To increase the retention rate by 50% both for the #mentoringprograms and the association. What about You? 

How much time do you spend today running #mentoringprogram?

Contact us to assess how we could help you save time and effort, and make a real impact at scale!


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