Everyone deserves the best mentor

Stellar Mentoring was born from our own need to have a better way to match and manage our Mentoring.

Aymeric Gerardin

Technology Advisor

Aymeric drives the product development and technology strategy to meet the Stellar Mentoring ambition and drives the future of the company technology evolution.

Combining an entrepreneurship spirit with platform development and operation skills, strong people leadership experience into robust IT solutions.

Caroline Dreier

Chief Operating Officer | Co-founder

Caroline drives the product roadmap, defines the customer's needs into understandable requirements for our development team.

Combining an enterprising spirit with technology, marketing, strategy and penchant for narration, this former Corporate Communications Manager & Marketing VP turned the needs into actionable solutions

Wietse Hilverda

Advisor | Co-founder

Wietse brings his extensive experience into our team to shape the organization, the strategy and enable our development plan.

As a small business owner, coach and start-up manager, he draws knowledge as a former VP of Sales and corporate business manager to help Mentors and Mentees get the most rewarding experience

We believe in enabling people and companies to drive change and create powerful one-to-one relationships.

Professional mentoring gives everyone the chance to contribute, share, be inspired and become stellar

Easy to use

Customize dashboard

Enhance programs

Measure success

Optimal mentoring tandems

Our unique matching platform sets us apart from every other Mentoring platform

Based on our own experience of running successful Mentoring Programs and speaking with other businesses, we quickly learned that everyone wanted an easy to use application, allowing them to customize and enhance their Programs, use data to measure success and above all; match the optimal mentoring tandems.

Perfect match

Each year with more people and difficulty to match and manage Mentors and Mentees. Each new group of people would take an incredible amount of time to comb through personal information and pair them with exactly the perfect match to ensure a good bond and meaningful mentorship. It was more complex than a sommelier pairing a multiple course meal and wine for the most discriminating palettes.

Algorithm to determine the optimal match

We started searching for mentorship matching software and companies that could help us, but all of them were missing a major point! None of them, large or small was really looking at each individual and using algorithms to determine the optimal match.

Targeted matching platform

Combining our technical, Marketing, Product Development + Sales experience with our business know-how, we knew we had the right ingredients to develop and deliver a targeted matching platform for Mentoring for other companies.

With that,


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