Everyone deserves the best mentor

To develop my organisation: Coaching or Mentoring?

How to ensure both my people and organisation are growing?

Coaching and mentoring both can guide leaders and organisations in their development.

Both have great advantages, yet they are different.

Stellar Mentoring believes in the power of coaching.

We are coaches and proud to support leaders and organisations.

There are many areas of Coaching.


      • the individuals, 
      • the leaders, and 
      • the management teams, to 
      • the full organisation. 
Coaching is the way to help the entity coached realise that other options exist.

They are able to identify resources they can access and put them into motion. Coaching your employees will make them grow as individuals. When you coach everyone in your organisation, it develops collaboration, cohesion and efficiency.

Mentoring is for individuals.

This is the transmission of experience and knowledge on specific topics.

It comes from someone that went through the path.

      • A coach helps you to find keys through tough questions.
      • A Mentor will provide you with solutions, examples and advice to face your challenges. He or She has already lived similar situations. He or She can share what he or she did that worked or not.

Let’s take an example: A manager is taking a new position in your organisation as Commercial Director

      • A coach helps her/him to cope with the change. He works on communication, self-confidence, leadership, facing possible fears
      • A mentor has a previous experience in a similar role. This will help her/him define his/her strategy, set up a good team and develop his/her network In both cases, the individual gets more efficient and successful. 

In conclusion, coaching and mentoring are working together hand in hand. They address different aspects of work efficiency.

Both are beneficial and valuable tools. The organisation benefits from it as well as every individual.

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