Everyone deserves the best mentor

Mentoring programs, a competitive advantage for your company ?

Mentoring is not something new.

Having elders sharing their experiences with youngsters has started with mankind.

So why do companies that are leveraging this resource have a competitive advantage over others?

Knowledge and Culture transfer

The key asset in most companies is their people, not only their knowledge but also their know-how.

How do you ensure this is not lost? Also, every company has its own methods, culture, processes and way of working.

Mentoring is a great solution for both aspects, having experienced individuals sharing what they know with juniors.

It allows the company to maintain and even increase the global level of performance.

With this comes another powerful yet under-estimated value

Preparing the future

    • How do you prepare your future leaders?
    • How do you nurture your top talents?

Whatever the size of your company, if you want it to survive, you need to plan the succession of the leadership team.

Mentoring is crucial to have them ready to take control.

Is your next leader identified and mentored already?


Employees are human beings (surprising statement, isn't it ?).

Like everyone else, they want to be taken care of.

Having them mentored is a great way to take care of them.

As for the mentors, sharing knowledge, and ensuring that their inner value is recognized is a great way to increase their engagement.

If you believe in your people, they will believe in you, in what they do, and along the line transfer this belief.

Attraction & Retention

This sounds obvious, but let’s state it anyway:

  • When people are engaged, 
  • When people are being taken care of, 
  • When it is known that within your company individuals can grow.. 

Well, they want to work for you and stay longer.

More it is known, more you will attract new talents. Call it a positive triangle.

We call it: "the Stellar Mentoring programs"

So… what is your company doing regarding mentoring?

For more details on how to implement your mentoring program within your company, contact us: contact@stellarmentoring.com

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