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Stories from the leaders part of the Stellar community

"Stellar Mentoring has transformed the way we do Mentoring. It reduces all our manual workload, making it more efficient and satisfying for the people in the Program. For the first time, we‘ve been able to run large programs, match our Mentors to Mentees in a click and deliver a fully digital solution our teams were all looking for.”

Program Manager

Drazenka Klescic

Pharmacology Industry


"As a Volunteer in Professional Network I head the Mentoring Program since 2017.  I use Stellar Mentoring solutions for running our yearly Mentoring Programms successfully. ”

Head of Mentoring

Joke Van Acker

Volunteer & Head of Professional Network Mentoring


“It is such a privilege to contribute to someone's personal and professional journey. I learned how to really listen and ask the questions that can help someone make critical decisions about their future. If you are unsure about your skills about being a mentor, this group is here to help you succeed. Stellar Mentoring carefully matches mentor and mentee through a matching tool and uses a platform to guide the tasks and processes of the mentor relationship. Dare to achieve your potential!”


Sara Maki

Head of Client Relationship


“Everyone should have a mentor to help themselves become a better version than who they are today. Joining the Mentoring Program will increase your chances of success thanks to the great mentor/mentee pool of talent, matching tool and the team leading the program.”


Nico Isch

Senior Project Manager & Entrepreneur

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