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Association : How to keep your members ? 

Most if not all associations face two major problems: membership retention and members attraction.

Studies show that within association the retention period is usually around 2 years.

How much is yours ?
How to improve this period ?

The simplest answer is: by providing more value, or at least the same level both on quantity and quality over time. 
This is a complex task for most associations who usually are run by volunteers whose motivation, time, and energy vary.

Your members are your strenght

What about using your members as a valuable resource in itself ?

Not only volunteers but members. They all are individuals that can bring value to each other with various experiences and skills. That’s where mentoring comes into place. 

Mentoring is a way to create links between people. Pairing mentors with mentees increases communication and connections. When people are more connected, it increase the network and therefore the number of people while keeping them more longer active in your network. 

Setting up Mentoring programs is a simple yet powerful solution. It brings value to all your members, both oldest and newest.. It is renewable in the sense that every program is different depending on each person's journey and needs.

Our figures show that by setting up mentoring programs, our partners have increased their retention average up to 4 years ! 

And obviously, it also attracts new members. The implementation of a program can be simple, quick and lead to efficient results if done with the proper tools. 

To learn more on how to set-up and run mentoring programs,  contact us: contact@stellarmentoring.com

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