Everyone deserves the best mentor

How Mentoring helps lower attrition in many organizations

How much does it cost to hire, train, and ensure newcomers are up to speed?

How long does it take for them to perform enough to replace the ones that left?

The average is between 6 and 9 months' salary. In average 45-50K investment upfront!

There are various sources, that gives a good description of this cost: Employee's retention: The real cost of losing an employee (peoplekeep.com)

When you lose people this cost increases - snow ball effect guaranteed!

When your attrition is above 20%, your company loses money.

Everyones knows the impact.It affects directly your top line and your bottom line. Margin gets diluted in the cost of hire, and you slow down your growth.

How much is your attrition?

The longer your people stay, the more you earn. the more they learn...

It does sound obvious.

However, how do you increase this famous retention rate?

This HBR article  explains that Professional Service firms are struggling to retain enough professionals to service existing clients. 

Increasing salaries and putting a ping-pong table in the office are not the only solutions.

Studies have shown that corporations that offer mentoring to their employees have a lower turnover rate.

We are convinced that Mentoring is a key to both attracting talents and keeping them longer.

  • For juniors, it is a way to quickly learn both the job itself, as well as the codes, culture and ethics of the company. And how to keep someone that does not know or understand those rules? 
  • For more experienced ones, it is the best way to share those values and carry the vision from the company. Having everyone engaged, through relations is the best way to increase retention. Ensuring that people are valued. Not only for their daily tasks but also for their individual value.

Everyone wins when everyones has the best Mentor!

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