Everyone deserves the best mentor

A mentor, what for ?

You hear a lot and more and more often about mentors or mentoring. 

In every industry you can read about people praising their mentors for their success: 

  • Business: Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg,, 
  • Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, 
  • Art: Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor
  • Media: Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey
  • Politics: Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama
  • Sports: Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson

and the list is never ending. many sources will show your more and more examples, including: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/teachers-day-special-paying-tribute-to-mentors-of-jeff-bezos-elon-musk-mark-zuckerberg/whats-life-without-a-mentor/slideshow/85897346.cms

Behind every successful person there is a mentor. All over the world, people who reach success will repeat the same: “My mentor guided me, helped me face storms and obstacles, etc..” 

This is not something new: Socrates mentored Plato who then mentored Aristotle back in 400BC. 

But what does it mean being a mentor ? What is a mentor exactly ?

The simplest definition is: 

Someone who has experience in the area the mentee seeks advice and support in. That will share with him his knowledge to help advance his career and path. 

Let’s dig a little deeper: 

  • Your mentor has experience in the particular field you need help: 

If you want to become a novel writer you will rather listen to JK Rowling, RL Stevenson, R. Kipling or I. Asimov than someone who’s job is to be an astronaut, butcher or physicist. Learning from someone who faced the same challenges than you, that went to the same road is obviously more efficient. 
  • Notice that It does not mean that your mentor is older than you:

Everyone has his own path, with its own speed. young people can teach a lot to some elders. 
  • Your mentor will spend time to exchange with his mentee:

 This means that the relationship must be built on mutual trust, with time dedicated to it. Sometimes a 30mn conversation can impact someone’s future. 

What does it mean for YOU:

It means that technically everyone in the world can be either a mentor or a mentee. And consequently that everyone can benefit from one. At stellar we believe that everyone deserve a mentor. 

Famous examples are usually related to entrepreneurs or individuals. In the corporate world, mentoring might be less “shiny”, but extremely valuable both for individuals and companies. 

Having people mentored during their career helps them to grow faster, to become more competent and therefore more efficient in their job, in every field: project management, development, marketing, legal and obviously management. 

So .. what are you waiting for ? Where do you find this mentor ? 

Is your company providing mentoring ? If not, have your HR talents contacting us at contact@stellarmentoring.com

If you are an individual looking for a mentor, or willing to mentor people contact us, we can connect you with our partners.

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