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What about Outsourcing Mentoring for your company?

Having your employees Mentored is highly beneficial: 

  • People retention, 
  • engagement & attraction, 
  • internal knowledge sharing, 
  • and of course money saving.

Many Sources to support this, including and not limited to

  • http://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefit-company-gain-mentoring-programs-20665.html#,
  • https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/workplace-loyalties-change-but-the-value-of-mentoring-doesnt/,

This is nice to know, but how do you set this up for your own company ?

It is time-consuming usually for HRs that are in charge of these initiatives. It takes energy. Without a proper structure, it is complex to track the progress. Difficult to report on the results and potential benefits.

So why not outsourcing your programs?

@Stellar Mentoring provides the expertise gained over years in managing large-scale programs. We offer the platform to set up programs and get intel about progress and feedback.

The purpose is not only to bring a mentor and a mentee together: You want to ensure that the collaboration is meaningful and brings value to both.

It requires integration in the development path. It brings both growth opportunities combined to a direct benefit in the career path.

A large corporation headquartered in Switzerland decided to outsource its mentoring. It did so with our partner Professional Network. It allowed both of them to rely on our experience to conduct programs. They can now focus on what matters the most for them: their people.

Choosing an experienced partner is a reliable way to save time and money. You get the best service possible while focusing on your core business.

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